Rockchip RK3576 Core Board/ Development Board--will redefine the AIOT field

- 2024-05-30-

Rockchip's new RK3576 processor was launched. With its leading technology and excellent performance, RK3576 injects unlimited possibilities into smart devices, enabling a more intelligent and interactive experience.

RK3576 has an 8-core CPU with quad-core A72 + quad-core A53, with a frequency as high as 2.2GHZ, and the high frequency brings powerful computing performance. The NEON co-processor can be used for SIMD-type computing 145G FLOPS GPU: it can support effective heterogeneous computing, Fisheye correction, support for 6 TOPS NPU, more operators, dual-core architecture, support for parallel computing, and mature Linux and Android SDKs that can meet the needs of different products. Through the parallel execution of operators in the dual-core architecture, complex computing tasks can be completed more quickly and the system's response speed and processing capabilities can be improved.

Rockchip's RK3576 will redefine the AIOT field, empowering developers and manufacturers to create smart devices that are smarter, more efficient, and more intuitive than ever before. Be the first to embrace the future of AIOT with RK3576, witness the integration of technology and innovation, and redefine the possibilities of connection.

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We look forward to using RK3576 to start new collaboration together.