RK3566 Core Board

Shenzhen Thinkcore Technology Co., Ltd. is a China RK3566 Core Board (SOM ) Manufactures and China RK3566J Core board (SOM) supplier. Thinkcore Technology Company focuses on embedded hardware research and development, design, production, and sales. The hardware platform is mainly based on ARM architecture, including the development of Rockchip (RK), Allwinner, and other platforms, with the development form of core board + bottom board, integrated industrial control board, complete machine, etc., and the software supports Android/Linux/Debian/Ubuntu, providing simple and efficient solutions for partners.

TC-RK3566 Stamp hole system on module is equipped with Rockchip Quad coretex-A55 processor RK3566. The quad-core 64-bit Cortex-A55 processor, with 22nm lithography process, has frequency up to 2.0GHz, delivering efficient and stable performance for data processing of back-end equipment. There are a variety of storage options, allowing customers to quickly implement the research and production of products. It supports up to 8GB RAM, with up to 32Bit width and frequency up to 1600MHz. It supports all-data-link ECC, making data safer and more reliable, and meeting the requirements of running large-memory products application. It is integrated with dual-core GPU, high-performance VPU and high-efficiency NPU. The GPU supports OpenGL ES3.2/2.0/1.1, Vulkan1.1. The VPU can achieve 4K 60fps H.265/H.264/VP9 video decoding and 1080P 100fps H.265/ H.264 video encoding. The NPU supports one-click switching of mainstream frameworks like Caffe/TensorFlow. TC-RK3566 platform supports Android 11.0, Linux Buildroot, Ubuntu and Debian operating systems. The system runs stably and reliably, providing a safe and stable system environment for product research and production. SDK open source is conducive to independent development by customers. TC-RK3566 stamp hole core board, lead to 192 Pin, combined with the bottom board can form a complete high-performance industry application motherboard, more extensive interface, can be directly applied to a variety of intelligent products, accelerate the product landing.

It is suitable for scenarios such as smart NVR, cloud terminal, IoT gateway, industrial control, edge computing, turnstile gate, NAS and vehicle control.

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