RK3588 Development Kit Carrier Board

Thinkcore is a leading China RK3588 Development Kit Carrier Board manufacturers. Shenzhen Thinkcore Technology Co., Ltd. is a China RK3588 SOM and development board Manufactures and China RK3588J SOM and development board supplier. Thinkcore Technology Company focuses on embedded hardware research and development, design, production, and sales. The hardware platform is mainly based on ARM architecture, including the development of Rockchip (RK), Allwinner, and other platforms, with the development form of core board + bottom board, integrated industrial control board, complete machine, etc., and the software supports Android/Linux/Debian/Ubuntu, providing simple and efficient solutions for partners.
TC-RK3588 development kit carrier board adopts gold finger core board + bottom board design. The core board adopts the standard MXM3.0-314P interface, which is rich in pins and more convenient to plug in and connect with the backplane; the on-board interface of the backplane is very rich, expanding the 5G PCIE interface, USB3.0, USB2.0, Gigabit network card, 2.5G network card, WIFI6, Bluetooth, audio and video input and output, HDMI 4K output, HDMI 8K output, MIPI, EDP, LVDS and other display and communication interfaces, HDMI Input, multiple MIPI camera, TF card, RS485, RS232, TTL, RTC, power supply output, PCIE3.0, PCIE M.2 hard disk and other interfaces. The development platform has excellent electrical characteristics and anti-interference characteristics, and works stably and reliably. 

TC-RK3588 platform supports Android 12.0, Linux Buildroot, Ubuntu, Debian operating system, stable and reliable system operation, providing a safe and stable system environment for product research and production; The SDK is open source, and the core board schematic diagram and backplane hardware data are open to the outside world, which is conducive to users' independent development.

Thinkcore is Widely used in ARM PC, edge computing, cloud server, intelligent NVR, smart screen, AR/VR, smart car and other fields.
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